10 Questions With Tom Dheere and Angelo Panetta of DPM Publishing

10 Questions with Tom Dheere and Angelo Panetta of DPM Publishing – creators of Agent 1.22


  1.       Who are you and what are you working on right now? (2 questions in 1, I know!)


Tom Dheere and Angelo Panetta of DPM Publishing. Right now we are working on the sci-fi comic book series “Agent 1.22”.


  1.       What drew you to digital comics?


Tom: When we discovered that not only could we produce our own comic book but do so using a cost-effective, innovative, almost interactive medium, we jumped at the opportunity.

Angelo: I personally love reading digital comics. I really enjoy having my entire library virtually available at all times, with the ability to download any issue when I am ready to read on my iPad.


  1.       Webcomics or digital comics?


Tom: Agent 1.22 is a digital comic, though we are open to exploring the web comic genre.

Angelo: Digital comics.


  1.       What do you think works with digital comics?


Tom: The ease of reading it on your desktop, laptop, tablet, or phone as well as the ability to store it in the cloud for easy access. Also, the ability to zoom in on a cell and really drink in the text and the art makes it a much more immersive experience than reading a printed copy.

Angelo: Everything.  I find the colors to be vibrant and engaging. I also enjoy being able to zoom in to appreciate all the detail.


  1.       Can digital comics replace print comics?


Tom: Digital comics are an amazing way to read a comic but I don’t think it will ever entirely replace the printed comic. Too many people enjoy the visceral, tactile experience of reading a printed comic book. That and people like to own the physical copy.

Angelo: I’m not sure they should. It’s just another way to enjoy a great art from.


  1.       How can print comics work with digital comics?


Tom: I think they can complement each other nicely. It’s our understanding that many readers like to own both the digital and print versions of the same comic. There is no reason why everyone can’t be accommodated.

Angelo: Print and digital might work together in the same way that movies offer a Blu ray with a Digital copy.


  1.       What don’t you like about digital comics?


Tom: I do have a few concerns. Protecting the digital issue so it can’t be copied and distributed for free is one. Having a uniform format to read it so everyone can have the same great reading experience is another.

Angelo: For enjoyment, Nothing. On the formatting and having a uniformed experience for everyone, I echo Tom.


  1.       What digital comics/webcomics do you read?


Tom: I’m old school! I only read printed comics. I’m currently reading the Justice League titles and Martian Manhunter.

Angelo: I have recently enjoyed Aphrodite ix, Tales of Honor, Witchblade, and Zenescope’s Oz series. I am looking forward to the upcoming release of Zenescope’s Agent Red.


  1.       Where do you see digital comics going from here?


Tom: I think there are many opportunities for digital comics to go mainstream. They could make great ancillary products for action figures, Blu-Ray discs, movie tickets, video games, and much more. Who knows, maybe in a few years if you rent an episode of The Flash you can download a digital issue at the same time.

Angelo: I hope it will become more accepted.


  1.   Who do you think we should look out for in digital comics?


Tom: That’s the great thing about it. If a couple of geeks with a dream like us can do it, the next great comic book could come from anywhere!

Angelo: I would keep an eye out for Archeologists of Shadows artist Patricio Clarey and writer Lara Fuentes . http://www.archeologistsofshadows.com They have produced some of the best digital art I have ever seen.

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