Fund Me Friday: Samaritan, Rival Angels & Wretches

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Published on: March 11, 2016


Here are some of the latest comics Kickstarter projects with digital reward tiers!

Samaritan: The Graphic Novel

by Mythos Comics

Twenty years after the death of the super-hero known as SAMARITAN, the city of Acropolis has fallen into ruin. Crime rates are soaring. Corruption and violence are rampant. Gang-lords fight for control of the streets.

Digital Reward?
For $5 you get the first two issues of SAMARITAN in a digital format.

Rival Angels Season 2 – Book 2

by albone

Rival Angels is the #1 Wrestling Webcomic. Watch the action and drama unfold as Ultragirl, Aphrodite, Lil’ Dragon and the Definition of Technician achieve greatness in the male-dominated world of Prof Wrestling.

Digital Reward?
From $5 you can get Season 1- Book 1 DIGITAL – Get to know Sabrina, Sun, Brooke and Krystin from the very beginning!
Season 2- Book 1 PDF. – Season 2 begins here in this PDF download.
And extra rewards upwards!

Wretches: Issue #1

by James

Brother and sister duo, Shea and Sean, have spent their youth struggling to survive, alone in an alien city, far from the now lifeless planet they’d once called home. Now, all grown up, they make their way by capturing other beings for the promise of reward – specializing in hunting the robots they’d once shared their home planet with.

Digital Reward?
For $5 you get WRETCHES Issue #1 in a DRM-free PDF with the VARIANT COVER and PINUPS!

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