Fund Me Friday: Eat Me, Burial Plots, A Legend (of Some Sort), Njálla & Vaudevillains

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Published on: April 8, 2016


Here are some of the newest comic Kickstarter projects with a digital comic as a reward tier!

Eat Me – a trippy smutty food porn graphic novel

by Megan Rose Gedris

Eat Me follows Rhonda, a shy girl working in a pharmaceutical factory. After being splashed with a strange drug, she finds herself hallucinating a world where she is a blue haired goddess and all the people are made of food. And she’s very hungry. Luckily, plenty of these sexy food ladies are willing to let her have a bite… if she can pleasure them first! Eat Me is a humorous allegory for vampires. We’ve all been exposed to the “sexy vampire” trope, but when you think about it, vampires sexing up humans is, from their perspective, the same as sexing up a walking talking slice of pizza. Eat Me is a humorous breakdown of that overplayed story. The art is cute and colorful, with lots of pretty sexy girls.

Digital Reward?
$5 gets you the bonus chapter of Eat Me as a PDF, $15 gets you a PDF of the comic and bonus material and art!


BURIAL PLOTS – A horror comic from Midnight Crew Studios

by Chris LaMartina

BURIAL PLOTS is a collection of TWO comic horror stories illustrated by John de Campos. Lettered by Nolen Strals. Written by Chris LaMartina and Jimmy George.

Inspired by creepy comics like Tales from the Crypt and The Witching Hour, BURIAL PLOTS contains thirty ghastly black & white pages, featuring two macabre adventures. With dread inducing artwork and blood soaked storylines, it’s perfect for creeps who like their fear mixed with fun.

Digital Reward?
Backers who think print is dead, receive a DIGITAL COPY of BURIAL PLOTS.

This horror anthology comic contains 30 B&W pages, including 2 spine-tingling TALES OF TERROR. Each story is packed with eye gouging PUNS and GOREgeous artwork.

And, receive a second SPOOKY DIGITAL SURPRISE from Midnight Crew Studios.

Plus, in exchange for your generosity, the Grim Reaper will delay your death and allow you a bonus day on this godforsaken Earth.

A Legend (of Some Sort): The Complete Webcomic!

by Schaefges

A Legend (of some sort) is a webcomic published on Tapastic from 2015-2016! It features an emerald-clad squire, often passed-over and ignored by the knights of the Southern Barracks, and a spoiled, sarcastic princess who finds her kingdom usurped and her life in danger, all in one night! On the run from wizards, monsters, and armored pigmen, they must rely on each other to save the kingdom, stop the villains, and stay alive!

Digital Reward?
$5 gets you a DRM-Free PDF, while $10 gets you that and papercraft!

Njálla Comic

by Rozi Hathaway

Njálla is an original comic story, based around the myths and legends of the Sámi people, indigenous to northern Europe’s Arctic Circle, which today includes parts of Norway, Sweden, Finland and Russia. Lieđđi, a young Sámi girl, and her reindeer Unni end up on an unexpected adventure after coming face to face with the guovssahasat, the northern lights. Njálla is an atmospheric and magical comic for all ages, unearthing the legends of the Sámi through friendship, mystery and adventure.

Digital Reward?
£3 gets you a digital version of the comic!

VAUDEVILLAINS Volume One: Shot in the Dark

by Sean Patrick McCarron

The year is 1999, and two young street urchins have escaped from a vicious Parisian orphanage which doubles as an illegal workhouse, fleeing to the mountainous French terrain bordering Switzerland. Believing themselves to be hardened criminal masterminds, the pair try their hand at grifting unsuspecting revelers at the spring fair before resigning themselves to attending what may be the worst circus performance of all time. Seeing an opportunity to fleece the scattered circus strong man, the destiny of our two antiheroes soon become inextricably linked to the man they initially sought to take advantage of.

Digital Reward?
$7 gets you a DRM-free PDF of VAUDEVILLAINS Volume 1: SHOT IN THE DARK

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