Crossed: Badlands & Crossed +100 Digital Comics From Avatar

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Published on: May 10, 2016


Avatar Press have two Crossed digital comics out this week!

Crossed: Badlands #97
The misery of the Crossed is nearly impossible to survive. But Crossed97-regwhat happens when you face a creature that is driven by a conscious need for slow and deliberate torture? Can anyone survive against the ultimate Alpha Crossed – Smokey? Fan favorite writer Christos Gage returns to Crossed to tell the continuing tale of ultimate misery as
Smokey turns his baleful gaze toward a new future, one where he doesn’t have to paint the path with blood.


Crossed +100 #15
Crossed +100 has taken the years in-between C-Day and a Crossed100_15regularcentury of evolution to deliver something wholly original. Alan Moore’s extended slow burn horror has continued to surprise at every turn and scribe Simon Spurrier is delivering his most realized work since Wish You Were
Here. Future Taylor has discovered something so sinister that even the horror and destruction of the towns and lives she’s witnessed pales in comparison to the revelation. The Crossed have a plan and the trap has been sprung!

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