Preview: Aces Weekly Volume 22

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Published on: May 16, 2016


Volume 22 of Aces Weekly is out this week – check out what you can get!


Volume Twenty Two marks the return to Aces Weekly of one of the most unconventional comics creators in America! Batton Lash – the man behind the exceptional, Wolff and Byrd: Counselors Of The Macabre – comes back to us with the further adventures of the guy who told everyone on Fury Road to just calm down… The First Gentleman Of The Apocalypse…

The First Gentleman Of The Apocalypse

The superb Singaporean artist, Koh Hong Teng, expands our global cast of Aces with the excellent, Don Boscoe, in a fantastic story about the abuse of Imperial power in the age of the Samurai, Tales Of The Black Root…

Tales Of The Black Root

And our masterful makers of magic and mirth, Jok and Santullo, give us more Dungeons and Burglars …

Dungeons and Burglars

Brian Corcoran joins Ace writer,Martin Hayes, to give us a superbly-drawn,dark drama, in
Deophonic : Or The Old Sow That Eats Her Farrow…


And a wackier, wilder, version of Wild, Wild West is rustled up by those good ol’ boys, John A. Short, and Alex Paterson in W.E.S.T.E.R.N Incorporated…

WESTERN Incorporated

Plus Tim Quinn and Paul Collicutt introduce us to a very special member of our special forces – a fearless fighter in the war on terror, and a terror in the school hockey team… we kid you not… Debbie Drake Of The S.A.S…

Debbie Drake


The exclusively original digital comic art magazine, Aces Weekly is made for tablet, laptop, desktop – and your smart tv – and is ready to read at the touch of a button, whenever and wherever you’re connected!
We give you up to 200 pages of original serials, short stories, and Extras from the planet’s top talent, which has so far included:

  • David Lloyd
  • John McCrea
  • Phil Hester
  • Mark Wheatley
  • JC Vaughan
  • Herb Trimpe
  • James Hudnall
  • Val Mayerik
  • David Hitchcock
  • Dan Christensen
  • Dave Hine
  • Henry Flint
  • Paul Maybury
  • Shaky Kane
  • Yishan Li
  • Marc Hempel
  • David Leach
  • Batton Lash
  • Rachael Smith
  • Phil Elliott
  • Fred Fordham.
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