Archie Digital Comics: Jughead, PEP Digital & More

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Published on: June 16, 2016

Here are the latest digital comics available from Archie Comics

New Comics Out Today: June 15th, 2016

Betty & Veronica Summer Annual Digest #244 Cover by Dan Parent
Jughead #7 Cover by Derek Charm
Pep Digital Vol. 183 Cover by Fernando Ruiz
Sonic Universe #86 Cover by Tracy Yardley
  • BETTY & VERONICA SUMMER ANNUAL DIGEST #244: Betty and Veronica accidentally release a genie from her bottle, and she’s willing to grant them three wishes. Will they get everything they want? Or will they wish they had never met her in the first place? Find out in “Sand-Wishes,” the fun, new lead story to this summer annual by Dan Parent!
  • JUGHEAD #7: SUMMERTIME IS HERE! Jughead convinces Archie to join him at a cottage, away from all the madness of Riverdale, but the madness of Riverdale cannot be escaped. The madness of Riverdale is everywhere.
  • PEP DIGITAL VOL. 183 – BETTY & VERONICA JUST KEEP SWIMMINGDive into fun with Betty and Veronica! The girls are ready for summer—and swimming! In this issue of Pep Digital, we’ll take the plunge and splash around with Riverdale’s best friends!
  • SONIC UNIVERSE #86: The final, frantic fracas is here! Dr. Eggman and his Egg Bosses square off against the Naugus Twins and the fearsome Crystal Sonic!  Will everyone make it out of the battle alive?  And who is the twelfth and final Egg Boss?  All the action and answers are here!

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