Fund Me Friday: A Bad Kid For All Seasons, Crossing & Amazing Ghost Stories Redux

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Published on: June 10, 2016


Some of the latest Kickstarter projects with digital comic reward tiers

A Bad Kid for all Seasons

by Bad Kids Press

A Bad Kids For All Seasons is a 60 plus page anthology filled with stories that will enchant readers of all ages! This is the first time that the creators of Bad Kids Press have come together to create a special, and they have all brought their “A” game to the pages of this special. All the work on this anthology has been done and now we want to show off our creators hard work and hope to get your support so that we may do so! Take a look at our rewards list, as there will be something great for every level of support… and something extra special for supporters at our 100 dollar pledge level. Bad Kids Press truly creates Independent Comics for Independent People, so whether you are a fan of humor, action, drama and really amazing art/comics this anthology has something for you within it’s pages! Here’s a breakdown of what will be in A Bad Kids For All Seasons:

Digital Reward?
From $5 you get a digital comic – but if you go up to $20 you get the whole anthology digitally!


by Enrica Jang

An annoying goth princess haunts the rookie train conductor who ran her over. Paranormal couples counseling, anyone?

Digital Reward?
$1 gets you #1 digitally, while $3 gets you the deluxe version of the PDF including Issue #1, a bonus character gallery & sketches by Alex Cormack, plus the Issue #1 script, written by Enrica Jang.

Amazing Ghost Stories Redux

by Shadow Gallery Media

Stories Include:

The Death Dolls (6 pages) – Mysterious dolls have come to life to commit crimes across town. A detective working the case goes undercover and infiltrates the organization only to be turned into a living doll himself! Can he beat this curse or is he doomed for all eternity?

The Devil From The Deep (7 pages) – On a deep sea fishing trip a two men pull in a mermaid. Taking it in and building a special enclosure for it, one man falls in love with her. But what happens when his mermaid love reveals a taste for human flesh?

Ghosts – With A Sense Of Humor! (2 pages) – A text only story about poltergeists!

An Eye For An Eye (4 pages) – A famed doctor lets his hidden drinking get the better of him and he botched an operation leaving a man blind, but is saved thanks to his reputation. The man takes it upon himself to seek revenge on him!

Dream Girl (6 pages) – A wax statue of a woman comes to life and becomes whatever the men around her wish her to be. And what starts off as every mans dream can turn into their nightmare!

The Pit and the Pendulum (5 pages) – The classic horror story is retold in comic form!

Digital Reward?
For $4 you get a high quality PDF edition of the book that can be read on your tablet, smartphone, or home computer. Plus your name on the “Kickstarter Backers” page of the book.

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