Reviews: Civil War II & Drax

My thoughts on two of this weeks comics from Marvel Comics


As Drax lurches from one escapade to another, we get a issue full of action which is mostly not Drax! This issue has a fight between two former friends which is pretty brutal. The dialog we get between them also makes interesting reading as we get the different points of view behind their falling out! Killer Thrall is an interesting character and it looks like there will be a return in her future. Meanwhile at the end Drax has bigger problems to deal with…..

We finally get a look at how Ulysses powers work and Tony Stark is not happy with it, he makes some really valid points and the addition of Beast agreeing with his findings is very interesting! Although this issue was all build up there were some interesting points – Tony meeting with the rest of the Illuminati – with Steve Rogers, She-Hulks reaction to Hawkeyes verdict and then there is the reveal at the end – fight!!!

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