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Here are the latest digital comics available on ComicBlitz – Including comics from Valiant and Dynamite!

Read Faith #3

Faith (#3-4)

Mild-mannered blogger by day. L.A.’s leading superhero by night. Faith Herbert – aka the high-flying hero called Zephyr – has come a long way since she first set foot in the City of Angels. But nothing can prepare her for the pinnacle of all her experiences to date: California’s biggest comic book convention! But even amidst a sea of fellow fans, cosplayers, and collectibles, crime waits for no man!Start Reading

Read Magic The Gathering Spell Thief

Magic The Gathering (#1-4)

Planeswalker Dack Fayden has followed Sifa Grent into a mysterious plane, where a Titan’s castle looms invitingly in the distance. Entering the castle in search of Sifa, Dack is soon imprisoned by the Titan and added to his vast collection. Dack must find a way out before the trail to Sifa runs cold and he remains the Titan’s prisoner forever!

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Read The Golden Sparrow
Golden Sparrow
The assassin Yan Po wipes out all 18 members of the Huang family in one blood-drenched night, stealing the secrets to shape-shifting magic in the process, subsequently disappearing without a trace. One girl from the Huang family survived, vowing to take revenge.
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Read Vampirella 1969
Vampirella 1969

Vampirella first appeared on the scene in 1969 and quickly became a fixture of comics, horror and pop culture! Now, Dynamite Entertainment proudly presents a special, over-sized issue from their roster of all-star writers and artists, showcasing the best of the former horror hostess from Drakulon!

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Read Lone Ranger
Lone Ranger (#21-25)

A young man searches for revenge, only to find justice… and that he’s something greater than he ever thought he could be. Cavendish ups the ante and goes full on psycho on the Ranger’s kin. Will any of them ever be the same again? Find out in the fifth installment of the incredible “Resolve” storyline!

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Read Enormous: Field Guide
Enormous: Field Guide #1

“The Field Guide”, spotlights the pivotal characters and monstrous creatures appearing in Enormous Season One (#1-6) via cast profiles, a bestiary, and the making of Enormous-from script to print. It contains an immersive recap designed to fully prepare current and new readers for Season 2!

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Read Fathom
Fathom Vol. 6 #3

Aspen Matthews, along with her longtime friend and journalist Tyler, and their pet bulldog Matilda, discover that Aspen’s newfound celebrity status comes with a cost—and that price includes a visit from the S.W.A.T. team at their front door!

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Read The Green Hornet
Green Hornet (#2-4)

If imitation is the sincerest form of flattery for most people, it could be the deadliest for The Green Hornet and Kato. With their vigilantism tearing apart organized crime, Chicago is visited by two more masked individuals: one claiming to be a friend and the other…their most formidable foe yet!

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