This Week On Madefire: Power Rangers, Batman & A Back To School Sale

Here are the latest digital comics on Madefire – including a Back To School Sale

DC Back-to-School Sale

Go back to school with the heroes of DC! Don’t start the academic year without Superboy, The DC Super Hero Girls, The Teen Titans and much more. These discounts make each book required reading for the new school year. Get an “A” in adventure right now with a little tap of your finger!

DC Back-to-School Sale
Cave Carson Has a Cybernetic Eye #11

In this latest installment from DC’s breakout hit, Cave Carson finds that he must join forces with Doc Magnus to stop the Whisperer from annihilating the human race. This book has been a wild ride since issue #1 and it just keeps getting better! One of the best comic series I’ve read! — Joe
Trinity #8
Kal-El believes there is an entity toying with the fabric of reality and he lets Batman and Wonder Woman know. Something is brewing and after the events in Wonder Woman “The Lies” and “Superman Reborn Aftermath” we’re getting closer to finding out what! This is a great turning point in a fantastic series! — Josh
TMNT: Dimension X #4
The genocidal maniac Krang is on trial to pay for war crimes, but he’s hired an assassin to kill off all witnesses. The turtles must find and protect Ace Duck before he becomes just another roasted entrée. We also find out that Michelangelo has a serious gambling problem. — Ryan
Batman/TMNT Adventures #1
Superman vs. Batman? Nah. Joker vs Shredder is where it’s at! DC and IDW’s crossover event showcases some of the most iconic characters of the 80s and 90s in an adventure meant for kids of all ages. Witty quips, mystery and excitement in a Bruce Timm style? Yeppers, both my kid and I had a blast! — Joshua
Mouse Guard: Fall 1152
Parents, read this book to your children. This is a wonderful book that will be enjoyed by kids and adults alike. Its beautiful art and adorable characters will keep you hooked from start to end. When you are done make sure to play the award winning “Mouse Guard tabletop RPG” — Diego
All Star Batman #13
The Black Racer and Shilo Norman Special (2017-) #1
Ghostbusters 101 #6
Saban’s Go Go Power Rangers #2
Supergirl Annual (2017-) #1
Star Wars: The Force Awakens
Justice League of America #13
Teen Titans Go!, Vol. 1: Party, Party!
Darkseid Special #1
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