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ComicBlitz have added Antarctic Press to their digital comics subscription service

ComicBlitz is pleased to announce our latest partnership with longtime comic industry mainstay, Antarctic Press. Over the course of the next few weeks, you’ll be treated to releases from headlining titles including Neotopia, Nazi Zombies, and Momeye. To give all of our readers a fair chance to discover these new titles, #1 issues of the comics below will be available to our freemium users as well!

And to get started, we are doing a special release of select titles and issues today! So discover these new titles below and power up the ComicBlitz mobile app to get your comic-fix, we’re sure you’ll love it.


Momeye #1
Genre: Action & Adventure, Comedy

She’s Momeye the Sailor Scout! She’s Momeye the Sailor Scout! She gets her bravado from fresh avocados, she’s Momeye the Sailor Scout! In this action/comedy from Fred Perry, Magical Sailor Scout Momeye and her best frenemy, Bruta, buddy-brawl their way though one adventure after another. It’s not just gender-bent, it’s gender-punched through the ceiling!

James Patterson
Nazi Zombies #1-4
Genre: Action & Adventure, Horror, Military

A desperate Third Reich unleashes its most fearsome weapon: Der Totenkorpse! A fiendish division of flesh-eating soldiers that cannot die! Born of horrible human experiments, baptized in the fires of Hell, drenched in the blood of the innocent, the Death Corps marches to consume the living. If the Nazis cannot rule the world, they will eat it alive!

James Patterson
Neopotia Vol.1 #1-5
Genre: Action & Adventure, Fantasy, Kid Friendly

Compassionate ruler Nalyn, secretly an abused servant standing in for the arrogant, conceited true princess, is kidnapped. Despite Nalyn wrecking his recent invention, Philios reluctantly leads a daring rescue mission to save her from the Krosian Emperor’s dungeons. But as they return home, a nasty surprise awaits them all.

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