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Female Furies (2019-) #1 The Female Furies are the meanest, most cunning and most ruthless fighting force on all of Apokolips. So why are Granny Goodness’ girls left behind every time the men go to war?
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  New Releases  
  Batman (2016-) #64
  Man and Superman 100-Page Super Spectacular (2019) #1
  Daredevil (2019-) #1: Director’s Cut
  Ask For Mercy (comiXology Originals) #6 (of 6)
  G.I. Joe: Sierra Muerte #1
  Nice #3
  Star Wars: Age Of The Republic – Anakin Skywalker (2019) #1
  Vindication #1
  Young Justice (2019-) #2
  Old Man Quill (2019-) #1 (of 12)
  Mystery Science Theater 3000Ê #4
  The Walking Dead #188
New Series! Red Sonja (2019-) #1 No man knows the place of her birth, nor where she learned to wield a sword to shame many a male. They know only that she is called The She-Devil of The Hyrkanian Steppes. That, and RED SONJA.
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  Graphic Novels & Collections  
  Batman: Troika
  Green Lanterns (2016-) Vol. 8: Ghosts of the Past
  Vortex: Collected Edition
  Starseeds Vol. 2
New GN! E.X.O. - The Legend of Wale Williams Vol. 3 An award-winning science fiction/superhero story about redemption, set in a near-futuristic Africa (Lagos, Nigeria). AVON, a super virus turned android conqueror, sets his sights on using Lagoon City as the proving ground in his plot to
  Digital Firsts    
  The Golden Pelican #2
  Infinite #1
  Destiny, NY #7
  Spera: Ascension of the Starless Vol. 3 #2
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Transformers Graphic Novels Sale: up to 75% off! Sale ends 3/8. Dynamite Mega Bundle: up to 90% off! Sale ends 2/11.
Epic and Oversized Collections Sale: up to 75% off! Sale ends 2/18. Batman/The Flash Sale: up to 80% off! Sale ends 2/11.
Heroines  of BOOM! Studios Sale: up to 67% off! Sale ends 2/28. Star Wars: The Old Republic Sale: up to 67% off! Sale ends 2/11.
Umbrella Academy Sale: up to 55% off! Sale ends 2/18. Dark Horse Mystery and Crime Sale: up to 55% off! Sale ends 2/11.

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