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This is from The Beat which raises some interesting points. I do think that most digital buyers are different from print buyers – although there are some that may buy both.

Added to the Comixology publishers, you’ve also got IDW who are doing a part day and date, part 1 month delay and Dark Horse who are catching up quick.

With the success of creator owned titles such as ‘Eldritch’ and ‘In Maps & Legends’ there are more titles and options available for digital readers.



We got a note from ComiXology yesterday pointing out that nearly half of all the comics released yesterday — 40% — were also available digitally yesterday. Over 40 titles, including books from DC, Marvel, Image, Archie and Dynamite. DC and Archie are offering their entire line, while Marvel and Image are offering their top books, like X-Men: Schism and The Walking Dead.

ICv2 probably received a similar note but writes it up in a different fashion:

Publishers are gaining confidence in the concept as evidence grows that day and date releases do not negatively impact print sales. DC’s bold move to convert its entire line to day and date digital with the New 52 has been the clearest indication yet that digital sales are not cannibalizing print.

Everyone we’ve talked to, including retailers and publishers, say September was one of their biggest months in years, so clearly digital isn’t hurting anything.


via Day and date digital nearly the norm | The Beat.

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