Spotlight: Cognition #0-2

April 30, 2018 Michael Nimmo 2

In advance of the Kickstarter starting for issue #3, here is a rundown and some information on what you can read in Cognition #0-2 With the Script & Letters by Ken Reynolds, Art by Sam […]

Fund Me Friday: Lizard Men #2

March 30, 2018 Michael Nimmo 0

The excellent Lizard Men is back on Kickstarter for #2. Of course there are rewards for those of you who want to catch up! Lizard Men Issue 2 The second instalment of the six-issue mini-series […]

Review: Clonsters

November 26, 2017 kiaranimmo 0

My review of Clonsters Written by Pat & Amy Shand Art by Vanessa Cardinali  Clonsters is a one shot graphic novel about the adventure that earth nugget Polly goes on to save her splat TeeTee and […]

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