Zuda April: ELDRITCH

NEW ELDRITCH, CA: A decaying former tourist haven on the Pacific coast.
Anya Sobczek (SUB-CHECK): A restless but committed scientific rationalist with a hair-trigger temper and an arm full of Charles Darwin tattoos. She will do violence in the name of science, oh yes she will.
Owen Sobczek (SUB-CHECK): A sensitive, poetic lad drawn to all things unexplainable, mystic, and obscure. “Magick” is the word of his day, every day, no matter what his irritable sister might say about it.
Ever since grade school, the preternaturally brilliant Anya and Owen Sobczek have been waging the bloodiest war in the history of sibling rivalries. And up until now, Owen’s been on the losing end of nearly every pound of ordnance. It was fun for a while, sure, but at this point little brother’s getting tired of life in big sister’s overachieving shadow. Owen would give his right hand to show her up once and for all…
…And now he has a new trick.
ELDRITCH is the story of Anya’s bull-headed quest to find the source of her brother’s hideous, near-uncontrollable new “demonic” powers, a quest that pits her up against a pretentious coven of super-powered teenage witches, a gibbering tentacled man-eater of a baby, a hidden laboratory of atrocities, and one pop-collared, spray-tanned, walking midlife-crisis named Ted Newbarn… who could very well be the most dangerous living thing on earth.
SCIENCE VS. SUPERSTITION and a bubbling infection about to crush California with a thousand quivering tentacles…. It is ELDRITCH!

Ok – Confession here: I hated this comic…….at first, but after I got over my initial shock, I really enjoyed this!
The first page did put me off, i’ll admit, but as the pages went on I found myself inching closer and closer to the screen. To take in more of this.
The art was dark and daring, with a Templesmith feel to it. The story grows on you and then leaves you on a cliffhanger – with only the synopsis to show you where this story is going to go…
The story could be expanded in a large way and be highly enjoyable.
There is a lot of speaking in these 8 pages, so hopefully there will be a little more decompression as the story continues. Added to my favourites in the hope that it is carried on in some form.

4 Stars

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