PSP Comics: Atomic Robo, Dust and more…

PSP Comics have released a new batch of digital comics…

First off, a brand new Transformers series, Transformers: Drift, starts with issue #1. This four-part mini-series chronicles Drift’s origins as the Decepticon Dreadlock (!) and how he became an Autobot. In this first part Drift attempts to uncover the secret behind his mysterious rescuers… with shocking results!

We also have more Y: The Last Man in store for you with issue #9 out this week. Yorick finally uncovers the dark secrets his hosts have been hiding, and he’s also unexpectedly reunited with someone from his past… I’m not telling you who!

DC’s brilliant series Sandman also continues with issues #4 and #5. Morpheus travels to Hell and then has a pretty tumultuous encounter with Dr. Destiny, who has his eye on something that doesn’t belong to him… Guest-starring Mister Miracle and Martian Manhunter!

And for Batman fans we have three nice additions this week: Batman #676 and #677, starting the “Batman: R.I.P.” story arc… Another pretty epic storyline as you can guess! Superman/Batman is also back with issue #32, part 5 of “The Enemies Among Us” – where a crazed Superman goes against a super-powered Batman.

Also in this week is a brand new series from Markosia, Hero 9 to 5. This very fresh take on superheroes is set in a world where being one is just a job, and where the rich can afford the best heroes and the poor get the government sponsored agency… “Heroes for Zeros”! On their payroll is Jacob Reilly, a regular guy who just happens to be able to shoot flames from his hands, and whose girlfriend is also his alter-ego’s nemesis! All four issues available now.

And finally, Disney are bringing a very nice adaptation of the animated movie Up to the store. To escape a life in a retirement home, budding great explorer Carl rigs his house into a hot-air balloon, and steals away… with an unexpected stowaway on board! Fantastic story which is worth a read.

Here’s the full list:

  • Atomic Robo Vol.4 #2 – Red 5 Comics
  • Batman #676 & #677 – DC Comics
  • Betty & Veronica #201 – Archie Comics
  • Black Cherry Bombshells #2 – DC Comics
  • Danger Girl #0-#2 – IDW
  • Donald Duckling and the Next-Day Cousin – Disney Digicomics
  • Dust #1 – Twistory
  • Ex Machina #11 – DC Comics
  • Fables #27 – DC Comics
  • Hero 9 to 5 #1-#4 – Markosia
  • High Moon #11 – DC Comics
  • Iron Man (1968) #230-232 – Marvel
  • Iron Man (1968) #280 & #281 – Marvel
  • JLA #7-#9 – DC Comics
  • Justice League: Generation Lost #11 – DC Comics
  • Melody #2 – DC Comics
  • Midnight Kiss #3 – Markosia
  • The Mighty Avengers (2007) #17-#20 – Marvel
  • The Murder of King Tut #4 – IDW
  • Powers (2000) #25 & #26 – Icon
  • Sandman #4 & #5 – DC Comics
  • Smoke & Mirror #2 – Markosia
  • Superduck #18 – Disney Digicomics
  • Superman/Batman #32 – DC Comics
  • Transformers: Drift #1 – IDW
  • Up – Disney Digicomics
  • Y: The Last Man #9 – DC Comics
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