Review: Harbor Moon

When Timothy Vance receives a call from a man claiming to be his long-lost father, he takes a trip to out-of-the-way Harbor Moon, Maine. But the man is nowhere to be found and unfortunately for Tim, the town doesn’t take very kindly to strangers. As he struggles to stay alive and learn the truth about his father, Tim discovers that Harbor Moon is protecting an incredible secret… and it turns out that Tim may have more in common with its residents than he could ever imagine…

  • Arcana Studio
  • Ryan Colucci
    Writer, Editor, Producer
  • Dirkan Ornekian
  • Pawel Sambor
  • Karol Wisniewski
    Art Director
  • Nikodem Cabala
    Supporting Artist
  • Brian Anderson
    Story By

Harbor Moon is available on Graphic.Ly as well as in print. I was given the chance to read all 6 issues. Here is what I thought:

The first thing that strikes you about this series is the art. It hits you as you look at the front cover, and continues to hit you as you make your way through the 6 issues that make up this graphic novel. Graphic is a way I would describe this style, I would want to say ‘dark’ or ‘grim’ but it seems to shine out from the screen or page in a way you wouldn’t expect. The art is beutifully rendered and is so fitting with the story and subject matter. Just to see an insite into the art process (below – click for bigger) gives you an idea on what to expect when you open the page. I struggle to find something to compare it to, its something that you see seldom in comics and in those that you do, you know you are reading something special.

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This is an amazing story which draws you into its web and won’t let you out by issue #4 you are so desperate to get to the bottom of this mystery, you’ll keep on reading until you know. The stroy telling is well paced and even in the conversation pieces you follow every word and action to absorb the flow.

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Along with some excellent ‘talking heads’ Harbor Moon is littered with great action sequences – again, well paced and with amazing visuals. The attacks are hot blooded and vicious, giving an excellent feeling of an attack by a bloodthirsty beast – this is how Werewolves should be portrayed in every version!

This is an amazing comic and work of art – it needs to be read and appriciated. You can get it in print or is available on Graphic.Ly in 6 parts. Below is an order form for your local comic shop so you can print it out – or go to Grapic.Ly and search Harbor Moon

I will leave that with you and some extra previews to appreciate!

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