The Digital Age: Better Late Than Never



I’ve had the strangest feeling for the last month or so.

Anybody else? Has anybody else felt like a golden age, an age you’d spent so much time waiting for that you’d all but given up on it, recently noticed what time it was and said,

“Oh, whoops. Guess I’d better go ahead and dawn, already”?



At the very least, we are tantalizingly close to the cusp of the edge of the precipice of an era I have been pining for since the autumn of 2000. I’ve discussed my 2000 reintroduction to comics a few times before on this site, but a chapter of that story has always been omitted. I’ve mentioned that I saw Bryan Singer’s X-Men that year, after having stayed out of comics shops for roughly a decade, and that I went to my parents’ house later that week and retrieved my longboxes so I could reread all the stories that made me buy that movie ticket in the first place. What I never talk about is that, when I reached the last issue in the box, I said, “I wonder what happened next. I wish I had the first clue how to get my hands on those issues.”Then I looked over at the file sharing program on my desktop– LimeWire or BearShare or Kazaam or DonkeyShow or whatever the #%$@ it was then– and thought, “Hey…! You don’t suppose people are uploading comics these days, do you?”

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