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Some interesting information from the DC sales regarding the digital vouchers.

Brian Hibbs has all manner of interesting information from talking to DC executives at the recent ComicsPro meeting:

The redemption rate on the combo pack for the digital codes in JUSTICE LEAGUE? It was just 20% on issue #1, and it has dropped to just 10% (on #4 or #5, I don’t think was 100% clear) — it appears that DM consumers bought those AS COLLECTIBLE VARIANT COVERS, rather than because they wanted a digital copy… The single best sales day for day-and-date DC digital comics has been and continues to be the first Wednesday of release; when the price drops by a dollar there’s a teeny spike in velocity  — evidently it is the 10th best sales day (Is that “on average” or for a specific title? I don’t think that was clarified) — but not any kind of a huge surge; this would seem to indicate that digital buyers are just fine paying the full print price, so that they can be “part of the conversation” at initial release.

There’s more in the post, including DC’s John Rood apparently explaining DC’s digital strategy as being “about aiding physical (format) growth, NOT managing physical decline,” which is more than a little surprising, especially as it’s at odds with almost all other media experiences with the digital market. We keep hearing that digital is an additive market for comics, not one that’s expected to replace print sales, and I can’t help but wonder if that speaks to an overall greater health for the print comic market than many had thought, or an overall greater irrelevance for comics than anyone thought that efforts to discover a digital market haven’t caught on the way publishers would’ve hoped…?

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