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Published on: February 9, 2013


Robin Hood 2020 is the latest title from CD Comics, and is available across a broad spectrum of mediums.

Set in the year 2020, not too much has changed in the UK – the rich are still rich, and they’re still running the show. That is until some people decide to make a stand.

This is quite an introductory issue, with a lot going on between a whole cast of characters – we get a look at ‘Scarlet’, ‘Robin’, ‘John’, ‘Marion’  and more. There’s a lot of facts and statistics here, which make this issue an impressive read.

Although there is a lot to take in here, it feels like there is nothing missing, in among the action and facts there is some excellent character development – already! – which can only build and move on within the series.

This is a comic that is something different – calling from the old Robin Hood/Zorro/V For Vendetta in feeling, but with something added!

Robin Hood 2020 can be previewed here, and bought here:

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