Review: The Legend of SpaceLord Mofo

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Published on: February 5, 2013

Part of the new breed of digital comics – taking advantage of the ‘infinite canvas’ SpaceLord Mofo is available through DriveThruComics. I previewed it here.



Not only do you get an excellent, fun story here, but you also get a lot about the team behind the Mofo. Working in the same style as Mark Waid’s Thrillbent titles, this is the new breed of digital comics – complete with new challenges for the artist and the writer.

What we get here is a cross between a  space western, Mos Eisley and something else. This is a brilliant issue #1 with some nice vague introductions, plenty of action and a good amount of humour.


It’s quite hard to describe how the reading process works with this style – it’s as close to animation without being animated. The canvas as a whole is then moved around in location and time with movements and dialogue being added and subtracted. This works especially well in the first scene outside the town.



The writing is smooth, with a combination of action and some excellent comic beats which work well with the style of storytelling here. Silent panels can come off a little cold be here, you can pace it to your humour which works well. The art style is suited as well, with a brushed style which gives a dusty/gritty feel. Although the flip to the more cellular/cartoon style for a flashback is slightly jarring, its an interesting way to do it.

In conclusion The Legend of SpaceLord Mofo is a welcome addition to the infinite canvas style and well worth a read – cheap at the price and a good selection of ‘extras’ for those interested in the crew behind it and the way it was made.


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