Green Lantern Digital Comics Sale

151 Green Lantern digital comics by Geoff Johns are on sale now!

Geoff Johns penned an epic space drama that saw the return of Hal Jordan, the formation of the Sinestro Corps, the dead rise during Blackest Night, and the War of the Green Lanterns over nine years as the writer of Green Lantern. This week, get all 151 issues from this massive run for 99¢ each and experience the critically acclaimed series in Guided View!

In the sale you can get:

  • Green Lantern (The new 52) #1-12
  • Green Lantern (The new 52) Annual #1
  • Blackest Night #0-8
  • Blackest Night Batman, The Flash, JSA, Superman, Tales of the Corps, Titans, Wonderwoman, Adventure Comics, Booster Gold, Catwoman, Doom Patrol, Green Arrow, Justice League of America, Outsiders, REBELS, Secret Six, Power of Shazam & More
  • Green Lantern Rebirth & Recharge
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