Webcomic: Kill Spree

The advantage of publishing on the web is that you can become inventive, with infinite comics, Augmented Reality, videos and links there are many new aspects which the inventive creator can add. Now Kill Spree have added the reading of the creative process in a smooth, easy manner.

The Story…

A gang of disturbed special needs kids seize control of America’s most high-tech shopping mall and embark on a deadly game of competitive mass-murder, broadcasting the entire event live as the world watches on in horror.

Mike Hancock returns to his home town after a 6 year spell in juvie to find his closest friends have tragically lost their way. While Mikey's encarceration allowed him to grow beyond the limitations of small town life, his best friend Aaron, ex-girlfriend Haley, and close buddies Dexter and Jared, collectively known as 'The Nobuddies' during their school years, became bitter and twisted from the alienation they received from their parents, teachers and peers while growing up. As the only 'special needs' kids in town their isolation from the community increased their hatred of the townsfolk, which manifested itself in 'Kill Spree' an imaginary game of murder Mike invented, which they used to play as young kids.

Now, as angry young adults, they have the skills, money, knowledge and motivation to realise their sick game and play for real. Their target is the glorious new Trinity Hope shopping mall for which they each bear their own personal grudge against. Only Mike can stop his friends from unleashing 'Kill Spree' on the unsuspecting shoppers.

This is a really slick Webcomic with some dynamic reading and we're only in early doors. What stands out is the method that you can get a look at the creative process. By scrolling over the side buttons you can see the full page, without letters, without colors, pencils and the script.

This all adds another dimension to the story.


This is a Webcomic which really works, the art is fantastic and crisp. It really fits with this futuristic setting. There's smooth lines, bright colors and some nice reading. The premise is excellent and looks to be something I'd enjoy- if you like The Private Eye, then this is for you!



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