Webcomic Review: Mara

August 16, 2021 Michael Nimmo 0

From Stuffed Rock Studio, Mara is a webcomic featured online as well as Patreon. The first ebook is coming on the 19th of August to Patreon subscribers and to the main site on the 26th […]

Webcomic Spotlight: Theatrics

September 28, 2016 Michael Nimmo 0

Rudy is the king of Broadway – the highest paid actor and the one everyone wants to see – he’s living the high life Then it’s all taken from him in one night, and he knows he […]

Spotlight Review: The Legend Of Mariposa

March 8, 2016 Michael Nimmo 0

The Legend of La Mariposa follows the adventures of a plucky, impulsive luchadora in a fantasy landscape inspired by the folklore and culture surrounding the art of [easyazon_link identifier=”1933045051″ locale=”UK” tag=”3milyea-21″]Lucha Libre[/easyazon_link]. The comic is […]

Webcomic: Kill Spree

October 3, 2014 Michael Nimmo 0

The advantage of publishing on the web is that you can become inventive, with infinite comics, Augmented Reality, videos and links there are many new aspects which the inventive creator can add. Now Kill Spree […]

Evil Inc August 2014 Out Now!

August 7, 2014 Michael Nimmo 0

Evil Inc have released their latest digital releases of their web comic! Evil Inc Monthly, August 2014, is available! It’s once again possible to download the upcoming Evil Inc comic strips for this month as […]

Review: Moth City Season 1

November 19, 2013 Michael Nimmo 0

A man trapped by his own success must solve the bizarre murder of his chief scientist before his city’s inhabitants are wiped out by outside forces.   Excellently crafted as what I thought was a […]

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