Spotlight Review: The Legend Of Mariposa

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Published on: March 8, 2016

The Legend of La Mariposa follows the adventures of a plucky, impulsive luchadora in a fantasy landscape inspired by the folklore and culture surrounding the art of Lucha Libre.

The comic is intended to be suitable for all ages, although things may get a little intense from time to time.


I recently had the chance to read a collected edition of The Legend of Mariposa, which is from the excellent webcomic available to read free here

If you want a fun – all ages read inspired by Lucha Libre then this is the read for you. This is a smooth read with some nice well defined characters and a good bit of humour. The action, and there is some great action, is to be expected, with bursting panels and classic sound effects.

To go with these boombastic effects there are some well thought out panel transitions and layouts, which work well with the tone of the comic and in some cases add to the humour.

The webcomic is an exciting read as we travel with Mariposa on a guanlet of demons to join as she wants to join the Sons Of Justice.

The issue I have read was called “The Climb” which was a one-shot 24 page mini comic available at Thought Bubble. It worked as an excellent read and gave us what you can expect from the webcomic!

I also interviewed James Lawrence here

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