Review: Cry Havoc #4

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Published on: April 22, 2016

Mything in action.


Issue #4 of Cry Havoc gets us closer to the present day – as the present day moves away from us! Splitting the story into three – the now, the past, and the past-past!

Louise continues to struggle with her transformation in all time aspects. And the artwork is split beautifully. With three different art styles it splits nicely between them all. The story is really ramping up, as we get some understanding of Louise’s condition in the past-past, while we find out more of her team in the past! In the present day we get more speeches and monologing  from the monster she came to kill. The addition of a new player to the scheme which seems to stride across all the timezones is an interesting addition. I am really enjoying this mix of war and mythology and look forward to see what comes next!


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