Review: 2000 AD Prog 1978

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Published on: May 3, 2016

After last weeks special with thrills and shocks – what’s next?


Judge Dredd moves right on with Lions Den – as the fallout after Dredd and Joyce’s sojourn to Emerald Cit continue to react across the Judges. It’s a slow build, but the final panel makes sure that everything is not as all it seems with some interesting things to happen!

Survival Geeks continues right after where we left off with a new arc – Lord Of The Ringers. This part is all about the buildup with a cold opening and a ‘new’ status quo!Things don’t look good for the geeks and the in-jokes continue!

Part Six of the Fall of Deadworld has the spread of the Death going across the world as the Deadworld seems more and more familiar to us than comfortable! There is no hope….

New series Brink starts off with a murder (gruesome) and has the investigation as it looks like we’ve got a futuristic colony in space and a religious sect involved. All very mysterious!

In Charon’s Mercy we get an ending to the arc, but not to Aquila’s story, there is a return of an old enemy of Aquila, and deals to be made – we even know where he’s going next – to hell and back!


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