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Published on: May 13, 2016

This weeks 2000 AD reviewed!


While the Chief Judge is negotiating with Texas City things are going wrong for the kidnappers in Judge Dredd – The Lions Den as we get some more London based humour and action. It’s building up qute nicely, but then there’s something added to the mix at the end, and it’s not going to bode well when the dust all settles!

We get a brief history of Kev in survival Geeks – Lord Of The Ringers. I’m pretty sure we all have known someone like Kev, but maybe not involving grand magical revenge schemes. Howard is aware, but then things start to go wrong for Kev with the return of Rufus and Clive – now everyone knows!

Slaine battles on against Gort, but as the Cyth make their final plans, things seems to not quite be going their way. And now we have the next problem!

In part three of Brink, Brinkmann and Kurtis travel to their next level of the investigation and we get the chance to understand more of the inhabitants of the habitats. There is some nice back and forths between the two detectives, and those who who are travelling. We also get a closer look at the cults!

In Tainted, Deadworld is getting worse and worse and we get a good look at the Dark Judges and their methods. There is also the problem of the Judge Child – one that Dredd has already dealt with! The meeting between the Judges, civilians and the Dark Judges draws closer!

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