Reviews: Gotham Academy & Constantine: The Hellblazer

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Published on: May 14, 2016

John’s deals seem to have really caught up with him. It’s more his breaking of deals which seems to have caused the problems, as now it seems he is unable to move against Neron and his minions. We get the return of Papa Midnite and this still doesn’t help. Although Papa does seem more weary of Constantine than the others – with good reason. There’s a return in this issue too, one I thought we would have to wait for a little longer, but it makes sense in the role of the story. It looks as if next issue is going to be the finale to the arc and now all the players are in place and it seems to have a plan!

This final issue of Gotham Academy completes the ‘year’ and the yearbook story arc in an excellent way. We all get a satisfying ending the the whole yearbook creation/theft and there are some interesting mini-stories featuring pupils and staff of Gotham Academy. I’m already looking forward to the next school year – something I couldn’t say when I was at school!

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