Reviews: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles & Back To the Future: Citizen Brown

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Published on: May 14, 2016

Reviews of two of the digital comics from IDW Publishing out this week!

This introduction of Leatherhead has been an interesting read, his whole demeanor and style has been perfect and now the betrayal has been exposed he looks to be a fearsome enemy for the turtles. This introduction to a character well known to Turtle fans has been really well done, and also the Turtles, Utroms & Leatherheads’ link to the “Turtles In Time” mini-series. This issue finishes off with another look to the future, not only with Leatherhead, but also with the Turtles and The Foot – including Michaelangelo and Splinter! This continues to be a really strong series with TMNT building on what we know and moving it along – a whole TMNT universe!

A new Back To The Future mini-series based on a computer game I don’t remember – so I have no pre-conceived ideas about what should and shouldn’t be in here! I quite enjoyed this issue, there is some comments at the beginning over whether or not it is BTTF ‘canon’ but that doesn’t matter to me – just enjoy the story! We get Marty and Doc, stuck in 1931 with gangs, prohibition and a pre Doc Doc! It’s pretty fast moving when things get going and a lot goes on – we get the reasons, build up and the problems – finishing off with an interesting ending as only BTTF can do. I’ll be continuing on with this!

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