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Published on: June 16, 2016

Thoughts on this weeks 2000 AD


After last weeks excellent ending, Judge Dredd jumps right on it in the Lion’s Den. We also get the link up between Dredd, Joyce and Armitage. It all flows nicely and there is some unfinished business, but this linking with the Megazine and what happens at the end of the story bodes well!

Slaine adds to the flashbacks with some more archery with his mother, it’s quite interesting and builds on a part of Slaines character. Meanwhile Sinead meets someone connected to her as the Cith plot against the return of Slaine – less violence here (still some!) It will be very interesting when this finishes!

In Brink we get the investigation into the investigation, as after the death of Brinkmann and the suspect there is some issues. Kurtis still isn’t happy and although she is suspended, there is something nagging at her – so she decides to go digging!

Black Shuck continues the problems for Shuck as he doesn’t get the answers he wants! The beast looks to be causing more problems than Shuck expects and I’m sure this will all come to a head soon!

The god-star is chased away in Grey Area, but things are not all they hoped. There seems to be some hope, but there is a twist, we shall see how it will go now!

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