Reviews: Lumberjanes/Gotham Academy & Weavers

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Published on: July 17, 2016

My thoughts on what I read from Boom! Studios


A good second issue with the students from Gotham Academy adapting to camp life – monsters, no Wifi (not sure what is worse) while the Lumberjanes react and adapt to the students. nicely done – everyone gets equal amounts of screentime with the link between the Lumberjanes Camp and Gotham Academy built well in a believable way. We seem to be getting close to the who and the why, but I wonder when we will get the how? This was a strong issue than #1

We’re halfway through here, and just as we seem to be getting some answers, we also seem to be getting questions! We look closer to getting answers on who set the bomb that enabled Sid to get his powers, but those answers seem to be giving us more questions! – I’m pretty sure it wasn’t the Russians though. Sid has his own problems though – not just with his powers, or the other Weavers (although that looks to be a pretty big problem) there’s also the issue of why he was at the bar with the bomb, and what his plan is (if he has one!)

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