Reviews: Rom & Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

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Published on: July 30, 2016

My thoughts on two of this weeks digital comics from IDW Publishing


The return of Rom and this issue looks to have some excellent variant covers! This works great as an introduction to those who haven’t read Rom before, or know the story. The story kicks off in high gear and moves fast through all the main characters – especially Rom himself! It’s well written and you don’t know who to trust as the Dire Wraiths can disguise themselves as anyone! The humans who can either sense them or tell what they are are quite interesting and look to be a good addition to Rom’s team. The art is really good – gore in some places, but has some nice action scenes – Rom looks great!

Issue #60 and it seems like we have gone through so much! This issue runs on from the betrayal of Splinter and things don’t look good! With some mind control we get to see what a Turtle Vs Turtle battle may be! Luckily for the TMNT Splinter shows why he is the master – even in his injured state. It’s really well done, and leaves the door open for further stories in the future!

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