Review: 2000 AD prog 1998

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Published on: September 16, 2016


As we lead into the big Prog 2000 that cover bodes!

Judge Dredd completes his latest adventure with PJ Maybe and there are big implications for one character in this prog. I’m not spoiling it, but there are some spoilers online if you know where to look – a major character dies in this story! There! That’s it!
This was a good ending to the story arc with some excellent action points.

In Jaegir: Warchild we get to see what effect the taint has on even children, with a gruesome discovery. It’s interspersed with some interesting flashbacks to stories about Jaegir’s father and by the end, things are not going well!

Scarlet Traces gives some painful home truths and as we get to hear about the betrayals in the past, there are more betrayals to come as the attacks come thick and fast!

Survivors Guilt in Outlier gives us some space battles and it looks like it could go either way – meanwhile the infiltration team have discovered something and it doesn’t look good!

Things start to come to a head in Anderson – The Candidate as the real plan comes out. Anderson manages to fight off the mind controlled Judge and it looks like she’s got a big decision to make!

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