Reviews: Lumberjanes/Gotham Academy & Weavers

Two very different titles this week from Boom! Studios

(Not the final issue) we’ve got one more issue to go after this one, and it seems like the plans are all coming together as the Lumberjanes and the team from Gotham Academy get together and try to work out a way out of all this! There is a little more background – that seems to help the teams to formulate a plan (of sorts) – although it does require a little change in the team! Things seem to be going well, until we get to the end, and things go very wrong!!


This issue is full of answers to the questions that have been asked throughout the series – Sids investigation continues as he questions junkies and Russians for answers to the linked question – who bombed the bar? We get some answers and when the dust is settled, Sid finds who is responsible and things don’t look good for him.
This feels a lighter issue with a lot more action on (rather than the threats) and there are some really nice background parts to Sid’s story!

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