Reviews: Satan’s Hollow & Grimm Tales of Terror

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Published on: September 12, 2016

Thoughts on two of the latest digital comics from Zenescope

This issue rounds up this whole horror story – giving us the who, the how and the why – all linking back to the previous attempt to open a portal to hell all those years ago. Interspersed with the reasons, there is a lot of good art – and the fight scenes are really well done as we build towards the conclusion at the end! The conclusion also adds a nice part to add to the horror feel. A good issue and some excellent art!

This issue takes a lot of twists and turns – what starts out as what seems to be a nasty app for kids moves along a lot quicker and the final pages have many turns! (BTW I like the comment of the Dark Clerk making a mistake) this twists happen right until the end and I like this issue a lot (I wasn’t sure at first!) the art and style of this match up nicely!

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