Review: Grimm Fairy Tales #50

July 16, 2021 Michael Nimmo 0

A special conclusion to the Dark Book saga running through Grimm Fairy Tales in this issue from Zenescope Entertainment. This is it, the final chapter of the Dark Book! Everything has been leading to this, […]

Review: Grimm Fairy Tales #49

June 25, 2021 Michael Nimmo 0

From Zenescope Entertainment, Grimm Fairy Tales #49 features the continuing search for Shang and the secrets behind the Dark Book. Taking over after the death of her mother, Sela, Skye Mathers is the new Guardian […]

Review – Belle: Sirens

June 18, 2021 Michael Nimmo 0

A new Belle one-shot this week from Zenescope Entertainment with Belle fighting the Sirens from mythology. Belle’s life has been non-stop with all that the supernatural corner of her world has been throwing at her […]

Review – Neverland Annual

May 28, 2021 Michael Nimmo 0

From Zenescope Entertainment this week, a Neverland Annual – my thoughts here. Neverland is a realm filled with terror and gripping action and adventure, whether it is vicious pirate battles in flying ships or whole […]

Review – Robyn Hood: Voodoo Dawn

May 21, 2021 Michael Nimmo 0

The Voodoo Dawn returns, this time to trouble Robyn Hood. in Robyn Hood: Voodoo Dawn from Zenescope Entertainment Dark Magic and evil rituals are two things Robyn’s life knows almost too well, and this time […]

Review: Grimm Fairy Tales #48

May 14, 2021 Michael Nimmo 0

The continuing adventures from Skye in her search for Shang continue here in Grimm Fairy Tales #48 from Zenescope Entertainment. Skye has rounded up nearly all the escapees from the Dark Book. Now, with the […]

Review – Belle: King of Serpents

April 30, 2021 Michael Nimmo 0

From Zenescope Entertainment this week, anther one-shot of monster hunter Belle. This time she’s battling the King Of Serpents. Great evil has been slipping into the Grimm Universe over the last few months, and no […]

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