Review: Grimm Spotlight – Mystere: Divinity

Out now from Zenescope Entertainment is a new Grimm Spotlight, featuring Mystere in Divinity.

Darkness has always been a part of Mystere’s abilities, and the malevolent source of her powers has not gone unnoticed. The Church of Light will purify her until the darkness leaves her soul…even if it has to kill her to do it.

Story – Joe Brusha, Ralph Tedesco, Dave Franchini, Raven Gregory, Victoria Rau, Jerry Keller, Simon Romo, Kris Lawton, John D’amico, Bob Hutchinson, Randall Bonser & Matthew Fields
Writer – Joe Brusha
Artwork – Renato Rei
Colors – Robby Bevard

Building on Mystere’s current adventures and adding some new characters to the mix is working well, and this issue adds to that.

We already have had her adventures with Talisman, and he features heavily in this issue. He has his own link to the darkness and wants to turn further to the light. And the light features a lot in this issue.

This is just a chapter of the attack on Mystere and there are larger forces in play here. Nevertheless, it does add some new dimensions as to what is against Mystere and her friends.

She is doing her best and working with her local community, but these attacks keep on coming up against her, and I don’t see them moving on any time soon. Those in the shadows have something they want and Mystere is the key to all of this.

Mystere has to deal with her new powers to, and these add some different dimensions to it all – I like the way the powers are similar, but not exactly the same.

Talisman has his small time to shine here, but things don’t go well for him – I do wonder where he will fit in the great scheme of this story arc.

This was a good issue, with some slower-paced parts, and some good action in various amounts. It also allowed the team to showcase Mystere’s powers.

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