Review – Belle: Labyrinth

From Zenescope Entertainment comes a new Belle story as she explores the Labyrinth.

Legends speak of an ancient labyrinth, one filled with horrifying and deadly creatures, as well as the remains of the brave warriors foolish enough to trek its elaborate web-like corridors. But at the center of this dangerous network of blood and beasts lies the key to a world beyond our existence, and Anabelle “Belle” DiMarco is on a mission to scour this vast maze in search of a priceless reward. Getting in is easy, but finding her way out can prove more of a challenge than she imagined. Because what she finds within might cost her more than her life, as her soul hangs in the balance!


Continuing Belle’s quest to find her mother, the duo – with the help of CHIPS – travel to Greece to uncover the Labyrinth of mythology.
Using the method of dropping us straight into the action works well, with an immediate hook for readers to get into. After a short part of the battle, this time against a multi-headed dragon, we flashback to an earlier time to discover the how, and why the beast hunter got to where she is.

The build-up is quite sedate, with Belle and Mel exploring Greece and looking for some clues or hints towards the Labyrinth they had been told about. Belle, being Belle, goes off on her own, and Mel of course follows her. Belle ends up falling into the place they were searching for.

Following this, we get a good battle, with not only the dragon but also another guardian of the maze. There was some hint toward the fate of the previous guardian earlier in the comic. These battles were well done, and not only serve to forward the story in this issue, but add some extra dimensions to the story arc as a whole. The ending of this issue adds to that with the recovery of something new.

I enjoyed this issue and the way it worked out. There is something gained from it, and it builds us on the whole story. There is some good art with different directions in the maze below ground and the sunny above ground scenery of Greece.

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