Review: Grimm Fairy Tales #59

From Zenescope Entertainment, the challenge to return home continues in Grimm Fairy Tales #59

Taking over after the death of her mother, Sela, Skye Mathers is the new Guardian of the Nexus. With the help of Shang, her mentor, and her friends at Arcane Acre, she is learning the extent of her new powers and trying to figure out her place in protecting the universe. A new threat has risen, The Dark Princess, a tyrant that has broken free from a crumbling universe not much different than ours. Along with her generals, The Swarm, she began her assault on the Nexus by expelling Skye, Shang, and their allies, scattering them across the realms. Now they are desperately trying to find their way back to Arcane Acre to stand up to the Dark Princess before it’s too late.


We kick off with Shang, Sam and Allexa fighting. It’s a pretty long-winded battle and the odds are against them. Shang is really going for it, and we see a side to him that some haven’t. Really aggressive and going full-on. It’s well laid out, but the end result is interesting as the team seem to have gone as far as they can.

Meanwhile, in another Oz, there are some vampire problems. Dorothy is a vampire and looks to rule, whereas Skye finds herself with the last remaining heroes. There is some interesting back and forth going on here, as Skye wants them to fight, this is a moot point when the vampires attack. It’s good to see them all working together, and I wonder where this side will lead – especially with the ending!

This was a good issue, with some nice points – we are getting closer to home here.

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