Review: Lead City #2

From Red 5 Comics is the second issue of this western comic series – this is Lead City #2.

The sun rises on reckoning day and Colman realizes he’s made a terrible mistake. He’s forced to say goodbye to his family and heads out with the other contestants for the final walk up to the town constructed just to hold the brutal contest. On the way the fighters take time to acquaint themselves with the rules and with each other. First gun is fired and first blood is drawn. Who will be the first casualty of Lead City?

Author: Eric Borden
Artist: Kyle Brummond

We venture into Lead City here, as the competitors learn the rules and the battle commences.

The lead-up, and walk to Lead City is well done. We get to know more of the characters – their motivations, and their histories. I like the way this part plays out, and then the gun goes off and battle commences.

The fights are well done – the guns are not instantly available, so all the characters shoot off to get armed – of course, some already have some weapons, so that makes it more interesting.

There are a couple of deaths here too, with the fight being planned out well, from a distance and up close and personal.

The artwork continues to work well, with some good static and action moments, and I really enjoy the art style and colouring here.

A good issue and the story continues well, I look forward to the next one.

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