Review: Grimm Tales of Terror – Sea Of Souls

A new special story this week from Zenescope Entertainment. This is Grimm Tales Of Terror – Sea Of Souls.

The ocean is an enigma storing many mysteries in its vast depths. Numerous accounts of its spirits, curses and creatures of legend span through the centuries but are all chalked up as myth to those on the land. But for those who call the sea home, they know better, and when the unforgiving, salty mistress spills her secrets, they know to steer clear at all costs. So when an opportunity comes up for several “adventurers” to escape the confines of their mundane life on land, they board a cruise that sets sail through the murky bottomless waters, on a ship said to be haunted. There they will find that some stories of the seven seas are anything but tales.

Story – Joe Brusha, Ralph Tedesco, Dave Franchini, David Wohl & Jenna Lyn Wright
Writer – Jenna Lyn Wright
Artwork – Alvaro Feliu, Juan Francisco Mota, Ricardo Osnaya & Erik Lopera Tamayo
Colors – Jorge Cortes, Robby Bevard, Maxflan Araujo & Walter Pereyra

A large-sized horror special this week, and it’s all at sea!

Combining a few stories with some thoroughly unlikable characters getting what they deserve in a number of different ways.

Breaking the stories up across this ship, we get some nice connective tissue, which links up and finishes off the story at the end with a nice twist.

The characters themselves are perfectly unlikable. There are no innocents in this story (they got off at the last stop). Their motivations are well told, with some horrible aspects to them all. I like the way they all get what they deserve and they all seem fitting fates for these characters.

The art is pretty visceral, and there is plenty of skin being shown by all characters – male and female.

This is a good one-shot issue, with some good aspects to it all and a nice twist at the end.

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