Review – Belle: War of the Giants

A new one-shot from Zenescope Entertainment is Belle: War of the Giants.

Anabelle “Belle” DiMarco is on a journey to find her way to a domain beyond our realms. It is one that has her searching the world for any answers that can help her along the way. Her first stop–Limbo. But not only is this legendary world extraordinarily difficult to reach, when she does find it, she comes across a war that’s greater, and more devastating, than any she’s ever seen. Caught in the middle of a conflict of gigantic proportions with ramifications even larger, Belle must use every trick she has if she hopes to make it through the War of the Giants!

Writer – Dave Franchini
Artwork – Rodrigo Xavier
Colors – Juan Manuel Rodriguez

This was an interesting read and it went in a direction that I wasn’t expecting. Belle is trying to rescue her mother, who she sent to Tartarus. Her trip takes her to Iceland where this is a get to hell. In between all of this, there is an interesting flashback that not only looks at the relationship between Belle and Mel, but also the mindset of Belle.

The buildup to this entrance to hell is well done and I like the way we get there, with some good action.

Then Belle gets there…

And it is not what we expect, this is going to make this hard, as I don’t want any spoilers, but it links to another story out recently. This jump and crossover happened a lot faster than I thought, and it was enjoyable. At the end of it, Belle may have found an ally, but also a foe. On top of that, there was an interesting look to her bloodline.

This issue had a good amount of action with some changes of scenery too, I like the way it was built up.

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