Review: All Guts No Glory #3

From Zenescope Entertainment comes the third and final part of this mini-series. This is All Guts No Glory #3.

Unbeknownst to the general population, there are highly trained military teams who bravely protect us from dozens of species of monsters that we don’t know exist! And then there are the guys who clean it all up… Craig and Jimmy are those guys. And while Craig has accepted his lot in life, Jimmy desperately wishes to one day become an elite monster hunter himself. But when Craig and Jimmy stumble onto a charming vampire named Sara, they’ll be forced to decide if they should risk everything to help save her soul

Story – Joe Brusha, Ralph Tedesco & Dave Franchi
Writer – Ralph Tedesco
Artwork – Jordi Tarragona
Colors – Walter Pereyra

Closing off this mini-series with a question mark is a good way to go – especially the way this final issue panned out.

There is a lot going on as we discover how one of the vampires was changed and what sort of a person he was. There is a lot to discover in this issue and a throwaway line adds more to the universe here and maybe a crossover.

There is plenty of action going on here, with fights with humans, vampires and even a good fun cameo from a werewolf.

I enjoyed the action scenes and the way it was paced, with some good, graphic panels. The vampires are well told and have a good method about them.

In this issue there is a wrap-up of sorts, with some answers to who is who and where they go from now.

This was an enjoyable mini-series and I hope to see more from these characters.

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