Review: To The Death – Episode One

Another World, Another War


The future of business is war. Meet the negotiating team.



Episode one of this series gives all the introduction we need, from the beginning we get a real “war is hell” feel to all of this. Kicking off with the war journal of one of the soldiers, we get the feeling of dissatisfaction in the ranks. Once past that, we jump straight into the war zone, with Senior showing us just what war is, with the soldiers getting blitzed from all side, gunfire and the literal fog of war. Narrated in the first person, while the battle is going on, we get introduced to the rest of the squad, and we see what a war of attrition it all is!
Again, the art style adn colouring match the scene in some very apt and boombastic scenes as explosions, gunfire and death happens all around.

As the battle commences, we get all sorts of exotic weapons, and the credit should go to Senior as the colouring is absolutely superb! When the dust has all settled, there is still some action as we see the reason for this war, and the effect on those at home – which seem to have their own problems!
Furman has built an excellent initial episode here, as we get a whole background, while being thrown into the battles waging for the reasons of the war. This is a hell of a war, and it would seem to be one that is full of false and selfish reasons. Along with the world building here, we also get more background on the website, as we get bio’s of the characters as well as the state of the earth as we now know it!

This is a series worth checking out!

To The Death is an 18 episode digital series, written by Simon Furman and art by Geoff Senior. Episode one is free to download and then the rest are available on subscription or as single issues. Check out the site here

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