Review: Zombie Tramp Halloween 2016

As we build up to Halloween we can expect a number of Halloween specials to be coming out, this is the first I’ve read and I think it is perfect for it. Zombie Tramp is a character made for Halloween specials, especially for a character who, the rest of the year isn’t going to fit in!
The first story features Zombie Tramp and a friend at a Halloween fair and things quickly get gruesome as they look for something to eat. There is some fun horror tropes here, mixed in with the modern ‘live’ life we now have with people with smartphones!
Next up, Zombie Tramp has a look at trick or treaters and adds her own brand of justice to those who aren’t very nice, it finishes with a warning and the look on the kids and parents faces are excellent ūüôā
Xula features in the final story, and it’s somewhat an origin story set in the south 1950’s. I really enjoyed this in a ‘Carrie’ type of way, there is some fun parts to go with the serious messages too!

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