Fund Me Friday – Cadavers 2: Poltergeist

The continuing adventures of our group of supernatural outcasts - focusing on their most volatile member - Poltergeist.

This weeks Fund Me Friday covers issue #2 of Cadavers!

Mad Robot Comics invites you to return to the world of the Cadavers – supernatural outcasts and misfits – refugees from a parallel dimension, discriminated against, forced into a life of crime, all the while, stranded on our earth. And still drinking our beer.

Yeah – things don’t always go Poltergeist’s way.

Our diminutive, mouthy, native Tatduenden doesn’t have the best of luck. Poltergeist’s frustration combined with his potential as the most powerful of the Cadavers can cause problems. Basically get him angry and……

Digital Reward?
£4 gets you issue #2 digitally, and for £10 you can catch up and get issue #1 in print and digital!

I’m looking forward to this one – I got issue #1 and am backing issue #2!

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