Reviews: Back To The Future, Dirk Gently & TMNT Universe

Back To The Future #17, Dirk Gently: The Salmon of Doubt #5 & Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Universe #7

My thoughts on three digital comics out this week from IDW Publishing!


The conclusion to this arc isn’t as confusing as you would first think! We do get some time travel and at one point even Doc Brown seems to have trouble getting his head round it all. Although that is something for another adventure! We get an answer to the arc title too – Marty works out who Marty McFly is, and in doing so he manages to sort everything out, redeem the villain and be a lot happier!
Doc is stuck in this time, but that is also another arc!
This was a good finish, with some fun, humour, action and a large amount of heart!

This issue only has a small amount of Dirk – even with two of him wandering around! This issue is the more violent side of the holistic universe – Bart Curlish is the Holistic assassin and we get to see her mthods – it’s all a little confusing at first – for us, then for her, as she goes to kill, but when she gets there her target is already dead. What follows is shown a way that Bart can be manipulated – once by the machine, then by Sally (who, to be honest does it by mistake) the ramifications of that one are yet to be felt!
This was a fun, fast moving issue, but it may be getting dragged out a little too much!

A new arc begins spinning off from one of the adventures from the main series. Metal head has been many things, but for a time, he was a host for Donatello’s mind while his body healed. Now Donnie wants to get him back up and running again. He does, but there’s a glitch – it seems that there is a part of Donnie still in the programming. Donnie is confused as is Metal-Don, while the rest are at odds as to what it means. Donnie and Metal-Don go out to sort things, and it seems to be working – until is doesn’t. This was an interesting read and I’m intrigued to see where it is going!
Part 2 of “What is a Ninja” continues nicely with the mix of history, the world today and the world of the TMNT. I like the narrative, as it especially mixes well with the sequential art in this arc!

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