Fund Me Friday: Revisionaries #1-2

A sci-fi comedy about a spineless WW2 soldier who joins a group of time traveling idiots on a poorly planned mission to kill Hitler.


A special return of a Fund Me Friday, with the return of Revisionaries on Kickstarter

Revisionaries is a raunchy/underground sci-fi comedy about a spineless WW2 soldier who teams up with a group of time travelers hellbent on killing Hitler. The only downside… Is that they’re all idiots, and their adventure is one non-stop disaster of another. It’s “part Heavy Metal(1981), part World War II action, part time travel comedy, with a very slight tinge of Cannibal Holocaust in the middle” (

In Issue One, our hero Malachi Ashkenazy was captured by Nazis and saved only by the arrival of our time traveling idiots: the Revisionaries. He soon agreed to guide them to Castle Wewelsburg, where they hope to kill Hitler during a Nazi rally.

In Issue Two, Malachi tries to guide his newfound teammates safely into Germany. But he quickly discovers just how unequipped this band of misfits actually is…

Digital Rewards?

$5 gets you Digital copies of Revisionaries #1-2 delivered in non-DRM digital PDFs.


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