Reviews: Injection, I Hate Fairyland & Eclipse

Injection #11, I Hate Fairyland #11 & Eclipse #5

My thoughts on three of this weeks digital comics from Image Comics
Three I’m glad to see return!

Injection starts with a new arc – we’ve had two of them dealt with and we’ve started to get more of an understanding as to what the Injection is doing/wants. This issue/arc concentrates on Brigid Roth who has been sent to a stone circle to not just understand why there is a dead body chained to one of the stones, but also why the information signals are going weird. We get a bit of old & new in this issue. The stone circle(s) obviously make up the old, and it’s interesting to see that Brigid has one at her place – I think that it wasn’t something she particularly wanted, but nevertheless…
The new is all the tech that she has – including Google Glass contact lenses and control and perhaps teleportation….!
At the end of the issue we get an better idea of what the problem may be, but will that cause more problems!

The crazyness of Gert returns, and we see more of a honest side of her, what she likes in Fariyland – it’s not much, but once a year is a convention. Gert has the usual cartoon fun here, and she finally gets to meet her hero.
Things do not go to plan….
After that, Gert discovers that she has a fan! This works on many levels, as it’s funny to see that someone may look up to her, although it makes a kind of sense. Gert is happy (in the beginning) to take her on as an apprentice, but things start to grate….
I wonder if the comments at the end make the basis of this arc, we shall see!

Eclipse hasn’t been away for as longs as the other two, but I think that works, as it jumps right in from the previous arc. The man who survived the sunlight still is a mystery, and there are mysteries of who, what and hows! This issue started slow, but the build up works well when taken with the rest of it. We get fights – with a good way of using the sun as a weapon – and some really nice action scenes. This air of distrust though leads us to a very interesting revelation, which may will cause trouble!

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